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2012 and Why We Should Leave it to Chance

When you're watching 2012, it's the movie about the end of the world, dated at 12/21/2012, in which the unsung hero of the paranormal radio show predicts the end of the world. In real life, it's the Mayans, the Incans, and the Hopis talking about the prophecy that the old age would end soon in 2012. For me, I'm a bit scared of the old age coming to the end. There has been predicted polar shift, the sun being in the center of the galaxy, tsunamis, tornados, massive plate tectonics, and the ice age in the north. However, the mayans predicted that out of the old comes the new age.

So why leave it to chance? There are many Christians and Skeptics that believed that the end of the world would not come on December 21, 2012 but rather when Jesus comes, Muhammand comes, or when the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster comes flying down to Springfield, Missouri. For me, it's the matter of scientific self-preservation when you're testing the extremely huge hypothesis that the Mayans came up hundreds of years ago.

First, to test the hypothesis, you have to come up with the hypothesis that is testable. Then you come up with the variables like the dependent variable and the independent variable. Then you test the idea out when the time is right. Then you record and analyze the successes and failures of the hypothesis and redo the steps again to make sure it's correct.

There are some hypotheses that you guys will be able to test based on chance and December 21, 2012.

There are:

The NWO: The totalairian government takes over the world and decreases the population by means of population control. They enslave the rest of the people and put RFIDs in them.

Planet X: A planet comes around and disrupts life on earth as we know it.

Natural Disasters: Increase up to the point of mass destruction

Polar Shift: A polar shift last every 100,000 years at the least

Attack of Killer Space Aliens: The Aliens come to Earth but some cannot be peaceful especially the Reptilian overlords.

Attack of the Machines: Robots turn malevolent at the beginning of the twenty first century. Perhaps that was too early until the middle of the 22nd century when the androids attack the humans.

And the last but not the least.

The asteroid: The same one that turned Earth into the Eloi and Morlock infested realm in the 2002 version of The Time Machine

Some may be scientifically viable or maybe non at all. But if you play the 2012 roulette, I'll let you be the judge.

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