Talk Radio Europe will be interviewing Psychic Aaron C. Hanson



Talk Radio Europe will be interviewing Psychic Aaron C. Hanson

Airs Friday Night Dec.4 from 14:00-16:00pm EST on Talk Radio Europe

December 4, 2009 14:00 EST (19:00 Barcelona, España CET) - Aaron C. Hanson will join Presenter Steve Gilmour for a discussion on psychic functioning and the future concerning a one world spiritual form of socialist government, its Caliphate, and the coming financial problems for Europe and the United States. A special emphasis will be placed on a recently remote viewed perspective of Spain, its future, and related world events.

ABOUT Talk Radio Europe - 5 years ago, we identified a need for a radio station that provided the English speaking communities on the Costas of southern Spain with a range of first class talk programmes, and a judicious mix of music, all matching the eclectic and sophisticated tastes of our listeners. Radio Europe Mediterraneo was born from the vision of its founding broadcaster, Maurice Boland and around him Maurice built a team of the highest quality, to present a wide variety of programs and interview a huge range of interesting guests from around the world. The station has been featured on numerous British factual TV shows and maintains a long-standing association with the British and Foreign press working closely with the BBC, ITV, SKY and RTE (Ireland).

In the years that followed, the station has widened its appeal both to its listeners and to its advertisers and sponsors, many of whom operate on both a national and international scale and who appreciate the benefits that a talk radio station offers them in advertising their goods and services. With that in mind, we felt the time was right to re-brand as Talk Radio Europe, leaving both regular and new listeners and advertisers in no doubt as to who we are.

Talk Radio Europe continues the station’s tradition of charitable and community work and is the chosen medium for information broadcast on behalf of the Junta de Andalucia, regional Town Halls, the British Consulate and many other official bodies wishing to communicate with the expatriate communities in southern Spain.

ABOUT Steve Gilmour - Not a formally trained broadcaster, but I have spent most of my life talking for a living. Having spent a large part of my life working within sales for two of the worlds biggest breweries, Guinness and Scottish & Newcastle. It was whilst working for these two companies that I became heavily involved in sports sponsorship, dealing directly with the management and directors of numerous sporting events and the football clubs.

At the grand age of 37 and at the top of my chosen career I suffered a sudden illness, which left me critically ill, and resulted in two major operations and subsequent spells in intensive care. On discovering you only live twice, and over the course of a twelve month recovery period, I decided that life really can be too short and to go after everything I wanted to do in life....

Give up working for large PLCs and all the politics involved
Spend more time with my family Achieve my dream of owning my own quality bar/restaurant business
Do a bit of Club DJ work
Try living/working in Spain – a country I always felt at home in
Achieve a presenting job in Radio/TV

Seven rollercoaster years on I have achieved ALL of these things... I sold my business in Scotland and moved to Spain in mid 2007, and after a well deserved extended holiday I managed to convince Maurice to let me loose on the airwaves as the stations sports correspondent.

ABOUT Aaron C. Hanson - Aaron is the psychic and remote viewer who was featured on the TV Documentary, In Search Of…(remake), in the episode on Psychic Spies. Aaron demonstrated that he could precisely locate a person at a remote location using only his remote viewing skills. He has been featured on such television shows as “SOS” of TV Asahi in Japan, mainstream radio broadcasts such as Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, George Noory, and others. He was filmed in a major motion picture “Suspect Zero” where he also served as technical assistant. Since then he has been investing using his psychic talent with a higher degree of documented success.

Aaron has done multiple Internet radio broadcasts, and keeps a popular blog on his Facebook, Myspace, and Live Journal pages. You can also contact him on Twitter and various other popular websites where he occasionally reveals winning lottery numbers for specific areas of the world. His most shocking lottery success was posted on November 5th, 2008 for President Obama’s home state of Illinois marking his first in a series of postings. Aaron predicted 666 as this number and in fact, that was the winning number!

If it involves relevance, mystery, and fantastic controversy, Aaron has the “it” and is as always deep within it all. This fascinating man has been described by many as a strange genius, wildly eccentric, inexhaustibly soulful, and enigmatic.

- END -
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2012 and Why We Should Leave it to Chance

When you're watching 2012, it's the movie about the end of the world, dated at 12/21/2012, in which the unsung hero of the paranormal radio show predicts the end of the world. In real life, it's the Mayans, the Incans, and the Hopis talking about the prophecy that the old age would end soon in 2012. For me, I'm a bit scared of the old age coming to the end. There has been predicted polar shift, the sun being in the center of the galaxy, tsunamis, tornados, massive plate tectonics, and the ice age in the north. However, the mayans predicted that out of the old comes the new age.

So why leave it to chance? There are many Christians and Skeptics that believed that the end of the world would not come on December 21, 2012 but rather when Jesus comes, Muhammand comes, or when the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster comes flying down to Springfield, Missouri. For me, it's the matter of scientific self-preservation when you're testing the extremely huge hypothesis that the Mayans came up hundreds of years ago.

First, to test the hypothesis, you have to come up with the hypothesis that is testable. Then you come up with the variables like the dependent variable and the independent variable. Then you test the idea out when the time is right. Then you record and analyze the successes and failures of the hypothesis and redo the steps again to make sure it's correct.

There are some hypotheses that you guys will be able to test based on chance and December 21, 2012.

There are:

The NWO: The totalairian government takes over the world and decreases the population by means of population control. They enslave the rest of the people and put RFIDs in them.

Planet X: A planet comes around and disrupts life on earth as we know it.

Natural Disasters: Increase up to the point of mass destruction

Polar Shift: A polar shift last every 100,000 years at the least

Attack of Killer Space Aliens: The Aliens come to Earth but some cannot be peaceful especially the Reptilian overlords.

Attack of the Machines: Robots turn malevolent at the beginning of the twenty first century. Perhaps that was too early until the middle of the 22nd century when the androids attack the humans.

And the last but not the least.

The asteroid: The same one that turned Earth into the Eloi and Morlock infested realm in the 2002 version of The Time Machine

Some may be scientifically viable or maybe non at all. But if you play the 2012 roulette, I'll let you be the judge.

She's Back!

Oh boy...and uh-oh!

Evelyn Paglini is back...from not sure where, but it should be extremely interesting tonight on Coast to Coast.

She's like the female Dr. Doom.

Hey, I thought she was very ill a few years back?

She's full of scary premonitions...already and it's 10 minutes into the show...I'm cold..grabbing another blanket and a drink to get through this.

The Contactee Water Art pic

I must say this
is a very fascinating image and seems to represent a variety of meanings. At first glance I saw a figure in the lotus position at the top, then an egyptian hieroglyph in the center a sun on top of wings. At the bottom I saw a baphomet -like image complete with a goat head over the bottom figure which seems to be in a primal mind state.

Looking closer into the details many other symbols can be extracted, such as geometrical forms, figurative poses, and a scarab in the center of the sun. Some of these shapes converge to take on the appearance of animal heads, and to a slight degree skulls.

I understand people will see what they want to see when looking at it. Though from an occult perspective its fascinating.
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My Story is on the C2C Homepage

Hello everyone!  I like to read the commentary here, but I've never posted. I just wanted to mention that the image of the Red River Flooding accompanied by a story  on the home page of is from me.   And I wanted to take a minute to share my experience.

Since my story was posted, I've received an incredible outpouring of support from Coast listeners.  I can't tell you how moved I am.  It is incredible how complete strangers have taken time out of their lives to send me an email or comment on my web site. 

The kindness and prayers of Coast to Coast listeners may not be able to hold back the water, but it's certainly enough to lift the spirits of those of us living in the middle of this disaster. 

Times like this are tough, but they also give a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of the true human spirit.  It is proof that we are all connected, and when a group is suffering, it is our soul's instinct to reach out.

I want to thank Coast to Coast and all the listeners out there for the true warmth you've all sent us way up here in the wet and frozen north.

You can read my full story at

Ehh ehhh ehhh uhh uhh uhh

Is it just me or is the voice of tonight's guest one of the most annoying voices you've ever heard on the radio? For me it's so bad I couldn't get over it or focus on what he was saying so I had to turn it off!
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