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The Contactee Water Art pic

I must say this http://www.coasttocoastam.com/gen/page3011.html?theme=light
is a very fascinating image and seems to represent a variety of meanings. At first glance I saw a figure in the lotus position at the top, then an egyptian hieroglyph in the center a sun on top of wings. At the bottom I saw a baphomet -like image complete with a goat head over the bottom figure which seems to be in a primal mind state.

Looking closer into the details many other symbols can be extracted, such as geometrical forms, figurative poses, and a scarab in the center of the sun. Some of these shapes converge to take on the appearance of animal heads, and to a slight degree skulls.

I understand people will see what they want to see when looking at it. Though from an occult perspective its fascinating.
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