Kristine (kittyn_moon) wrote in coasttocoastam,

upcoming predictions.

I keep feeling them along with the earht unrest, so I still think something biggre is coming - bigger than has already happened. Something that will be more shocking than we have seen in 40-50 years.

Tuesday 18th August
Major military action – bigger deaths more countries involved?

Between full moon(today) and about two weeks, closer to a week august I feel another earthquake/volcano

Big storm - maybe this is what is going on but I doubt it. I feel it deep in the earth, not in the air or on the earth's surface.

Every night I burn a candle to protect as many people I can and to minimize the pain. Mother earth needs to correct an imbalance. What we see as cruel is actually healing to gai and needs to be done - over thousands of years, man will be better off and healthier perhaps if mother earth is healther. So for this, I can only light candles to help those in the path to listen to their guides and leave the area or to go to safe places, etc.

As far as the war - I have no idea what to do. I see the pendulum of violence oscillating back towards WW3. I have no idea what to do hear, other than the same I am doing above, lighting candles for those civilians in the way to get out of the way. I am lighting candles to bring wisdom to leaders, but I think they do not want to listen to wisdom. If they did, we would not be in the state we are to begin with.

Maybe it is just the violence and unrest that I feel, but I do feel a lot of unrest going on in the fields of the earths fields.
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